Investing in Altcoins after the Altcoin nuclear winter 

nuclear winter

Most Altcoins on Coinmarketcap will lose somewhere between 99% and 100% of their value in the next few years. Most, but not all. There will be a few that will go through classic venture stages – MVP to PMF to Scale. Patient investors will be able to snap them up at bargain basement prices after the Altcoin nuclear winter because even the good ones will drop 90% to 99% in price.

If you think that is impossible, you did not live through the technology nuclear winter after the Dot Com bubble burst. In the 2002/3 era you could buy great companies for close to cash value – Apple was one example.

In answer to three questions:

  • No, I do not know when the Altcoin nuclear winter will start or what will trigger it. I am confident that it will happen because that is what happens in almost all new paradigm markets, but there is a difference between inevitable and imminent.
  • No, I don’t want to short these coins. The trading tools for that are far too immature and the liquidity is so low that “painting the tape” is far too easy.
  • No, I will not publish for free the list I am tracking of potential ones to buy. If you are an investor and want to work with me on this reach out by email (bernard at dailyfintech dot com).

Bernard Lunn is a Fintech deal-maker, author, adviser and thought-leader.

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