Announcing Our New Author Ilias Louis Hatzis doing Blockchain Bitcoin & Crypto CXO Briefing on Monday


This has been quite a journey. I started Daily Fintech on 29 June 2014. In those days, I wrote every post. Just under 9 months later, that all changed when Efi Pylarinou started writing every week, an event memorialized here at the time (March 2015).

Then Jessica Ellerm joined to write on Wednesday about Small Business Finance and Arunkumar Krishnakumar joined to write on Friday about consumer banking & finance.

Today is another big day, because from today I will only be writing one post per week. That is the nearly 3-year journey from 5 posts per week to one post per week.  It took 3 years because I would never compromise on quality. Daily Fintech is about high signal to noise ratio and respecting the attention of our senior and influential subscribers (nearly 18,000 as I write, coming from 130 countries).

The high signal to noise ratio is most critical to the Monday slot when we do the Blockchain Bitcoin & Crypto (BBC) Weekly CXO Briefing. Read more about this Other BBC News here. This is a market that has a great number of specialist publications and that is also being covered occasionally in most mainstream publications. Our mission with the Other BBC News is not to preach to the saved who already read everything that comes out every day. Nor do we want to write the occasional post to introduce this complex subject to a mass audience. Both are hugely valuable, but not what we do. Our mission is serve the CXO level business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors who will use this technology to change the world. These are super smart people who want to be in the know and in the flow about Blockchain Bitcoin & Crypto – without getting stuck in the weeds.

Serving that super smart audience requires deep knowledge of the space, plus a learn-it-all attitude in a world that is changing so fast, plus an ability to communicate complexity without jargon, obfuscation or dumbing it down

That is why I was delighted to come across Ilias when we chose his post on regulation as our weekly Opinion to link to during Week 8. Then he agreed to write our post this week. From next Monday it will always be Ilias.

Ilias is the “other Greek who lives and breathes Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto”. I am referring of course to Andreas Antonopoulos as the more well-known Greek in this space. It is wonderful to now have two such talented Greeks on the Daily Fintech team, as Ilias will be joining our famed Femtech leader, Efi Pylarinou.

Ilias Louis Hatzis is an Internet entrepreneur that started his first company, an internet search engine, in the mid 90s during the dot-com era. Later on he founded several Consumer Internet and AdTech startups and went to work for Google and JWT. As well as still being an active entrepreneur, he mentors startups at the MassChallenge, MITEF and other startup accelerators and competitions.

Having lived and worked in America, Ilias is currently back in his native Greece. So he has the global perspective that our subscribers from 130 countries prize.

Start your week with Ilias and the Blockchain Bitcoin & Crypto Weekly CXO Briefing in your email by 7am CET. It should take you 5-10 minutes to read properly (and a minute or less to skim if it is one of those crazy Mondays).

You owe it to yourself to invest 5-10 minutes a week to learn about the technology that will change your company, your career and your world. Don’t get blindsided by important news. Be in the know and in the flow – without getting stuck in the weeds.

Each week we select 3 news items that matter. We keep it to 3 because we know that you are busy. If it is a big news week, it is our job to find the 3 news stories that matter so that you get a high signal to noise ratio.

For each news item we offer News Decrypted, which explains why investors, bankers and entrepreneurs should take notice. We include a Glossary if we have to mention some critical jargon.

Then we offer Our Take on the underlying trends represented by this news and “where the puck is headed”.

In addition to 3 news items, we select one analysis/opinion/insight piece each week on a controversial subject that we think is excellent.

Our point of view is that all three are important – Blockchain Bitcoin & Crypto. There can be private, permissioned Blockchains without any Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency. There can also be Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin (Altcoins) and distributed ledgers that use some form of Crypto other than Blockchain. We cover them all.

Please welcome Ilias who will be doing the difficult job each week of parsing the torrent of news and opinion to come up with important signal along all that exciting noise.

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