Daily Fintech is Pleased to Announce Our First Round Table.


 How tech innovation enables investors to gain access to previously inaccessible assets and managers.

On the 3rd anniversary of our founding, we are hosting an invite only discussion in Geneva on the afternoon of the 28th of June to explore investing in new assets and new managers created by the changes in Fintech.

Attendees include Family Offices (both Single and Multi), Private Banks and Asset Managers.

The format encourages peer to peer knowledge exchange by having a maximum of 20 attendees, no sales pitches, absolute confidentiality (no press and Chatham House Rule), and an expert Moderator Bernard Lunn, CEO of Daily Fintech.

Topics covered will include:

The changing business landscape due to digitization, transparency, commoditization and regulation.

New Fixed Income Assets coming from Lending Marketplaces, Supply Chain Finance, and other open platforms in consumer/SME loans and corporate bonds

New Equity Assets emerging from Crowdfunding platforms, block-chain based token offerings, peer networking/club deals and quant approaches to VC.

New value chain partnerships emerging from Open Data and Open API access.

New managers emerging from these marketplaces using the copy/follow model.

A Changing Delivery Stack including the emergence of real time settlement and the race to zero in equities brokerage and asset allocation.

Bitcoin Disruption and the possibility that permission-less innovation and decentralization will change the game.

Global Regulatory Backdrop in a politically uncertain world.

As Daily Fintech is based in Switzerland, we are partial to Swiss Wines! We look forward to a small tasting with guests at the end of our gathering.

Thank you to the following people on our advisory panel:

Michael Warszawski, CFA: Senior Managing Director at Manchester Capital Management.

Nicholas Hochstadter: IBO – We Compare Investment Performance.

Alexandre Gaillard: CEO at InvestGlass.

Marc Lussy: Mentor at F10 Incubator & Accelerator

If you are interested in attending this Round Table, please email julia at daily fintech dot com. Please note that our June 28th Round Table is limited to those who fit our criteria of Family Offices, Private Banks and Asset Managers.

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