Who’s Who in Fintech and Art

This post was inspired by Spiros Margaris whom we all know as a Fintech global influencer but I doubt that any of you know Spiros Margaris the Artist.

Lets indulge together.

A Fintech Influencer who is an Artist

I first stumbled across this piece of Spiros’s artworks.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 11.08.01.png

Oy Darlin ‘Clementine, 2002: Oh My Darlin ‘Clementine is a series in which I have to go to the Clementine School, my school, my school, and the gym (The Gym). 

Spiros works with media photography and film and has exhibited in Switzerland and New York. His work seems to be inspired by his childhood and his country of origin (Greece). Fintech will have to wait to become more of a memory that the artist feels the need to preserve, rather than a live and active arena that the artist is currently participating in.

Fintech and Art in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai

 I know First is an Isreali Fintech that uses Artificial intelligence to provides daily investment forecasts based on an advanced, adaptable, self learning algorithms. The company’s algorithms discover patterns in large sets of historical stock market data.
Last Fall, I Know First collaborated with London based artist Fabio Lattanzi Antinori who worked on a piece for a solo show at the Pavilion of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai. The exhibit was part of “Fortune Tellers” exhibit and featured an interactive sculpture, which reacts to the presence of the audience through capacitive sensing, by producing music, when touched. More specifically, the installation was about creating an interrelation between the volatility of financial markets, particularly the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the temporary condition of human life.


Currency Design at London’s VA Museum

London’s Victoria and Albert Museum held a #FridayLate event in early April that brought together artists and designers to discuss society’s relationship with money today. Invisible Finance via digital currencies and virtual transactions is clearly changing our understanding of money.

Scrip is a concept designed by NewDealDesign as the ‘tangible future of cash’ in a world in which cash is moving from the physical to the abstract. It is a concept luxury sci-fi wallet! The user would swipe the smart copper surface depending on the denominations he-she intends to spend. A small digital display would show the invisible cash spent.


 A marketplace to invest in Art

Away from pure art and concepts, Arthena qualifies for a genuine Fintech. It started as an equity crowdfunding platform dedicated to the alternative investment asset class of Art. The founders deployed data science algorithms to evaluate the investment products and decisions. Transparency in the art market and bringing this asset class to your mobile, is the way Arthena is designed.

Arthena, has now added a series of funds that individuals and insitutions can invest in. From currently open funds as Rising –Emerging, Established Masters, Blue Chip Artists; to more thematic funds like Emerging NY artists, War & Contemporary Art, Undervalued masters which are now closed.


Mobile art discovery & Reverse Fintech

Artelry is another player in the Art ecosystem that has launched an app for both collectors and artists. The focus is in the discovery phase of the investment process. They are disintermediating galleries and offering a traceable way for Artist Resale Royalties. Transparency is also their core value proposition.

MutualArt, is a global leading source of art market information and manager of the APT (Artist Pension Trust) collection. They just announced that they raised $32 million in funding to launch a new private sales service, adding an offline part to their 100% online service. MutualArt’s new offline private sales service offers collectors, art advisors, foundations, corporations and institutions exclusive access to artworks from the APT collection – currently comprising nearly 13,000 artworks from 2,000 established and emerging artists in 70 countries.

Blockchain for tracking Art, crowdfunding Art

Ascribe is a startup that lets artists register their digital work into the blockchain, creating “a permanent and unbreakable” link between the artist and their work. Focus is really on empowering the artist.

Weifund, is a blockchain-based equity crowdfunding platform developed by ConsenSys. It is a use-case of smart contacts in the Art world.

Mitzi Peirone, a 25yr old model, painter, writer, is making her debut in the filmmaking industry with “Braid”; a psychological thriller that will be the first US feature film to be funded through an equity crowdsale using cryptocurrency.


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