Wrap of Week #12: Orbian, ProfitSee, Simplesurance, Fintech tour in Greece, Fintech in Africa

This week covered rare insights in the SME sector, from an Interview with Tom Dunn of Orbian about the past present and future of Supply Chain Finance to an Interview with Peter Vessenes, Founder & CEO of ProfitSee who is focused on Fiscal management for SMEs.

In our post The $20m Simplesurance funding shows how Berlin is becoming an InsurTech hub we looked at close at the traction that Simplesurance is gaining.

As we traveled to Greece, not on any Fintech hub list, we reported back in Fintech Global Tour goes to Greece to find both local & global innovation.

We covered two uses cases of leading edge technology in Africa in IOT Meets DLT and Blockchain meets M-Pesa in Africa.

We finished the week with an official welcome note to Arun (Arunkumar Krishnakumar) who is taking over the Friday Daily Fintech slot – where we cover how technology is changing consumer banking and finance around the world. Read more here.

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