Wrap of Week #10: Women in Finance, Bitcoin ETF, SmallBiz fintech, Insurtech, Metro Bank



We started the week naturally with The woman in the global Fintech arena which highlighted what is importnant in the financial services businesses as they transform.

We zoomed into the ETF bitcoin approval-disapproval Wedding announcements pending between Old & New Finance Tribes: Bitcoin in an ETF gown!, as the decision was looming (now disapproved).

In our small business post on Wednesday, we shared our insights on Symbiotic channel strategies key to making B2B fintech scale.

In Insurtech we used the funding lenses in our review of The Top InsurTech Ventures by Capital Raised (don’t miss the comments).

In our consumer banking coverage, we looked closer at Metro Bank, publicly traded Challenger bank with a unique business model. Can you ride the Metro to the Challenger Bank future?

We made an announcement as we are extending an invitation for an author on the Daily Fintech platform focused on Insurtech or consumer banking. If you are interested in joining us, read here.

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