Daily Fintech Author Search

Daily Fintech looking for two more expert Authors to cover:

  • InsurTech on Thursday.
  • Consumer Banking on Friday.

Our Authors are globally recognized thought-leaders in their domain who are often speakers and moderators at industry conferences and highly valued consultants. Writing for Daily Fintech will connect you with our highly influential audience (currently around 17,000 email subscribers and 7,000 Twitter followers)

Our Authors must be able to:

  • Commit to a weekly post within a specified domain and follow editorial guidelines.
  • Agree that there is no cash compensation and that Daily Fintech owns the content.
  • Be free from corporate policies that might constrain what they could write. We want free agents who want to build their knowledge, network and reputation in this big, fast changing market.

Key Attributes:

  • Domain experience. We look for people who know the subject from real work experience.
  • Intellectual Curiosity. We look for people who are “learn it alls not know it alls” and who recognize that whatever they learned in the past will change in the future.
  • A passion for explaining complex subjects in engaging ways. We believe that real experts can make complex subjects accessible to people who have little background in that subject.
  • You must post on the same day/time every week within your domain. WordPress has a scheduling feature, which makes this easy to execute.
  • Disclose any conflicts of interest, quote sources accurately and link to them, follow the usual rules about copyrighted content.
  • Our subscribers are senior leaders. Offer them something they cannot get elsewhere and respect their time.

Other information:

  • We encourage our authors to write in their own style. Making articles friendly and accessible is the best guide for developing a style.
  • There is no set length. Do whatever fits the subject.
  • Our subscribers are global. Today our Authors are in Switzerland and Australia. We would like new Authors in America and Asia, but any location is acceptable as long as you have a global mindset.
  • Post genre. You can do whatever suits the subject. You can do a trend analysis, interview (text or audio or video), single company analysis, landscape report. Whatever the format, offer new insight or knowledge that is helpful to subscribers.

We currently have 3 Authors:

Bernard Lunn, Daily Fintech’s founder, writes on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Bernard will continue writing on Monday but will dedicate more time to building the brand and the business. Bernard is a thought leader, serial entrepreneur, adviser and strategic deal closer. He started in Fintech before it was called that for companies such as Misys, Temenos and ITRS, as well as smaller startups.  Bernard is a published book author (Mindshare to Marketshare) and has used his media experience with companies such as ReadWriteWeb to guide Daily Fintech since the first post on 29 June 2014.

Efi Pylarinou, writes about WeathTech and capital markets on Tuesday. She brings bold Wall Street experience (Salomon Brothers, Bankers Trust, SGCowen) in a broad range of asset classes (fixed income, structured products, hedge funds). She has lived and worked in the US, France, Greece, Canada, and Switzerland in investment companies, a university, an online education provider, and an executive consulting firm. She brings a strong academic background combined with a focus on breakthrough results. Efi is the author of Fixed income books with Frank Fabozzi. She is a WealthTech expert.

Jessica Ellerm writes about Small Business Finance on Wednesday. She is based in Australia. In addition to writing for Daily Fintech, Jessica also works for Australia’s flagship Fintech startup and small business banking provider, Tyro. She is also a well-known expert on digital growth hacking and presents financial news and market updates for Australia’s leading online finance news provider, Finance News Network.

For more background on how we view Fintech at a macro level, please read this post.