Wrap of Week #9: Fintech categories, APIs – programmable bank, QR codes, Insurtech, Active Trading

We started the week looking at the overall Fintech sector, through a powerful metaphor Choose your Boxcar on the Fintech Freight Train (Daily Fintech design with 7 Box cars).

We reported from Australia’s API days Conference about the programmable bank; Program your own bank – the power of APIs.

Passive investing is undoubtedly the new balck with more room to grow. The puzzle we addressed is how t actively manage these passive investments; Active trading is hazardous to our health! What to do?

Insurtech is undoubtedly gaining steam in the tech race in Finserv. We explored this week the 4th layer of the Stack in Insurance (designed by Daily Fintech); We interview Joe Taussig to learn whether insuring the unpredictable is the big InsurTech disruption.

We ended the week with a look at the mass adoption of QR codes in consumer banking; How the humble QR code may usher in the cashless society, starting in India

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