Wrap of Week #7: CXA, Calpers, Sofi & Zenbanx, P2P lending, Innovation


This week we wrote about the discomfort of uncertainty, as an essential part of innovation. Read Embrace uncertainty to give your fintech start-up the edge.

In Insurtech dont miss our insights in CXA Group $25 million Series B shows the maturing of InsurTech and future of Innovation Capital.

We devoted two days in the growing private markets, starting the week with Calpers and the quiet data driven disruption of Private Equity and ending the week with our insights in SoFi buying Zenbanx either signals the first Mega NeoBank or a unicorn losing the plot.

Last but not least, don’t miss reading A little bit of P2P is all I need – Mambo in Lending while listening to the Lou Bega’s classic.

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