Wrap of Week #4: Japan-Bitcoin, Fintech-New Zealand, Insurtech, WEF theme-Fintech, Wells Fargo & Loyds -Fintech


We started the week looking at what is happening in Japan and whether it is advancing the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin. Read Japan is another rich developed country where Bitcoin is becoming respectable

Our Eastern coverage took us midweek to the New Zealand Fintech sector.

We took the WEF theme of “Responsive and Responsible Leadership” and used it as a filter for Fintech innovations in Responsive and Responsible digitization of financial services.

In Insurtech we offered our insights on the news of the past week in our Thursday post.

In consumer banking we picked Wells Fargo and Loyds and inquired when their earnings and thereafter their stock price may reflect the Fintech disruption in the US and the UK. Read When will Fintech disruption show up in Wells Fargo and Lloyds Bank stock price?

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