Wrap of Week #52 of 2016 & Week #1 of 2017


Happy New Year. 2017 will be faster than 2016, and we will all be held accountable for managing the fast pace of change. Financial services will continue to transform in various regions at different paces.

Daily Fintech crossed the 15,000 subscribers mark before Christmas and the P2P knowledge platform, the Fintech Genome, is growing with impressive engagement in great global conversations (check out the conversations with the highest engagement rate – Replies).

For the last week of 2016, we traveled to India and covered the main reasons it has gained and will continue to maintain a special spot in the Fintech evolution – read Why India is the country to watch in Fintech. We discussed Indifi & the rise of the Indian SME lending matchmaker; covered more than one Indian mobile provider in Mobile Wallet Sumo wrestlers face off in India; and focused on Mobile Microinsurance in India.

To begin the New year with an entertaining money playlist, check out the January 1 Daily Fintech post and enjoy.

On the first business day of 2017, we could not but cover a bitcoin related subject as the unbelievable steep ascent of bitcoin continued. Check out Another bitcoin ecosystem health check as we slide into 2017 and engage in the global conversation on “Help refine this bitcoin ecosystem health check methodology” on the Fintech Genome.

On the second business day of 2017, we chose to discuss about “Our Data” as a major topic that we, the GAFA people, should be aware of. Read Fintech solutions to problems of #GAFA people.

On the third business day of 2017, we chose to highlight the unstoppable automation trend through the AmazonGo grocery store example.

On the fourth business day 2017, we reviewed Insurtech Exits enabling Claims Management As A Service.

We ended the first business week of 2017, with a look into the huge mortgageTech market mostly in the US.

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