Wrap of Week #48: R3CEV, Ayondo, DBS Digital Bank, CoverWallet, Fintechs with no customers


We started the week sharing our insights on Why the R3CEV Blockchain consortium is splintering & what that signals (three departures in one week).

We moved over to Singapore were Ayondo, a European social trading platform will IPO. Our insights on Ayondo’s pre-IPO moves (a Fintech acquisition and an RTO).

We highlighted Why having no customers could be the best thing for your fintech startup in banking. If you follow our thinking then listening to the Pirates with Ties interview with Olivier Crespin of DBS Digital Bank, will make more sense. The Singaporean Digital bank who launched first in India and Indonesia.

In Insurtech we used CoverWallet as an example of a Low touch and Customized service. Read more in CoverWallet could define the Insurance Robo Agent space

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