Wrap of Week #47: Credify, Marcus, Challenger banks, Blockchain


We started the week with our insights about What does the Credify story tell us about Market Place Lending and $LC stock and then looked at Marcus, the consumer lending arm of Goldman in Will Goldman become a verb? Watch the Marcus ads!

 Continuing our consumer focus we looked in front and inside challenger banks in Scaling a challenger bank from the back to the front.

As we approach year end, we looked at what has happened in 2016 in Blockchain and Insurance: The future of Blockchain and Insurance one year later. In What would Gandhi have thought about Bitcoin?, we took a global tour to bitcoin adaptation.

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A few picks:

NLP and FinTech – Introducing a free text search API

SENTIMENT ANALYSIS – in financial services (edit this wiki)

Fintech Risk Events: An open catalog of Fintech business failures

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