Wrap of Week #46: Swiss Fintech lead, ICOs, Bitcoin, NZ credit card market, Insurtech in Asset mgt


We do have an advantage being on the ground around the Alpes to alert you on The radical change coming to Financial Services & Fintech in Switzerland. 

Over to Poland and to the s-ocalled “Uber of computing” and its large ICO (an under-the radar screen trend) in Golem and the ICO ecosystem.

Related is How Bitcoin will meet the scaling challenges needed to go mainstream which offers another insightful look to the scalability issue. Daily Fintech specializes in translating Tech to Fin.

Over to New Zealand to highlight in payments the The New Zealand economy’s $45 million credit card brake.

Lastly in insurance land, we looked at the sleeping beauty of the asset management side of insurance business, where we see Three market opportunities in Insurance Asset Management.

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A few picks:

Love to hear some feedback on new InsurTech startup Liimex pleaze

RateSetter loan book analysis available

Are APIs the future for digital investment and robo-advisory?


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