Wrap of Week #45: Open API thematic week



The week started introducing the technology of Open APIs for financial services. Read the primer in Introducing Open API Week on Daily Fintech.

Banks are jumping on the bandwagon of “Open API hubs” for B2B experiments. For now, Fintechs are the ones engaging rather than other banks. More in Banking APIs: shapes, colors, and focus and in Banking on the API bundle of the future.

In insurance we covered a great example in the space, Root Insurance, where stacks communicate via Open APIs. Read more here.

In trading, brokerage and in investing, we already see more adoption of the API technology to create value, both from financial services players and from tech firms services the sector. More in WealthTech Open APIs: shapes, colors and focus.

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NLP and FinTech – Introducing a free text search API

Open Bank Project & JB Financial Group Launch Global FinTech Hackathon in South Korea

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