Wrap of Week #44: Business planning, Cash pile, Banking pipes, Swiss Insurtech, PFM


As year-end approaches (store decorations are already reminding us), we have started reflecting on all sorts of issues in financial services.

Starting from business planning methodologies of Fintechs vs. incumbents Banks can learn from how Fintech Startups do Business Planning; read about the Zoom-in Zoom-out framework.

Staring into the huge pile of cash globally and by region (US, Europe etc) and inquiring about the places this could go. Oh, the things you could do with the enormous Cash pile! The conversation continues on the Fintech Genome here.

Examining Who’s building the banking smart pipes?, just as three VCs got radical by investing in a US regional bank that is selling pipes, Cross River Bank. The conversation continues on the Fintech Genome here.

Making the point that people don’t want neccesearily bank accounts, they want their money to grow. Another post related to PFM services in The Family CFO and how PFM and PSD2 could commoditize the bank account.

Finally, reflections and insights inspired in Reporting from #InsurTech2016 in Switzerland – the first country where Bitcoin may go mainstream.

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