Wrap of Week #40: The sixth Daily Fintech thematic week on Wearables


A thematic week about wearables, from your wrists to your eyes! Despite the fact that we are nowhere close to an explosion phase in wearables for financial services, the insights gained are an important part for tracking the trends in the IOT space.

The 6th thematic week started with an overview of the technologies and a look at the capital suppliers of this sub-sector: Introducing Wearables Week on Daily Fintech

Wearbales are participating in empowering DIY: Checking investments from your wrist or your eye

In ‘Wear’ to next for business first wearables?, we looked at the business owner’s point of view and from his customer’s point of view.

Health and life insurance could change dramatically but there are three major obstacles: Wearables could help to heal Health & Life insurance

The week ended with insights on consumer banking, where wearables could make basic financial services invisible: Wearables for the PostBanked Hyper Efficient Economies

The Fintech Genome platform

From the US, we heard directly from the founder of Investfeed, the first Fintech to take advantage of Title II. Engage here.

Social trading and sentiment analysis conversations, are here. This is hot, with the Cable volatility dominated markets. Which leads to conversations about Fintechs like Revolut; engage here.

In the more recent Category for “Lending”; there is lots to chat about.

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