Wrap of Week #39: SIBOS, Goldman & Marquee, Fintech product ROI, Lemonade, Unicorns


Wow, what a week! Daily Fintech is delighted to share with you 10 takeaways from SIBOS and 7 insights directly from Palexpo. You can catch up on these conversations at your own convenience and add from your own takeaways on the Fintech Genome.

From our curated research, we shared two very unique insights.

One as we reflected on whether “The Sell Side, is still the Sell side and the Buy side, still the Buy side?” is presented in Goldman is leading the “Sell-side empowers the Buy-side” movement.

A second one, on why it is very important to continuously showing the return on investment your fintech product is delivering versus your competitors. Check out Fintech’s might be scalable but are they defensible?

As you review all this material, jump on the Fintech Genome to share your reactions, comments and snippets of insights.

We also revisited one of our predictions for 2016 around unicorn valuations: Fintech Unicorn pain as the public/private valuation inversion comes to an end.

Last but not least, Insurtech we had to focus on Lemonade in With Lemonade out of stealth, the Fintech Genome community has a P2P bellwether to analyze. Lemonade is surely the most talked about single Fintech on the Fintech Genome. Don’t hesitate to jump into any related conversation here.

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