Wrap of Week #38: Wells Fargo, SeccoAura, Transferwise, Back Office and Blockchain, Ripple



We are focused on insights but that doesn’t mean we don’t write about events in the financial industry, especially when they concern one of the darling favorites of incumbents. Wells Fargo Scandal and the Creative Destruction 7 Act Play, by Bernard Lunn!

Followed by the future world of disruptive banking debuted by SeccoAura; and nascent ideas around MYDigital Assets. This is not play, rather belongs to the science fiction genre that soon becomes reality.

Look at the Disruption Index to gain insights into SME lending; clearly in the “Future of Finance” genre claimed by Transferwise. Australia claims to be ahead of Europe on this front.

Switch over the focus on what is going in the Back office area; Is Blockchain promising to eliminate processes? Back Office 2.0 in sight.

The week ended with insights on whether Ripple will front run Swift on cross-border payments.

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