Wrap of Week #37: MortgageTech, Catastrophe Swaps and Insurtech, Swiss Cryptofinance, Xero


We curated a two-part series focused on MortgageTech, which was inspired by a conversation initiated by one of the members of the Fintech Genome – the P2P Fintech knowledge platform. The first part was an introduction to mortgage space (enjoy etymology and video) and the second part was a landscape report.

We zoomed into Xero as an enabler for small Business, in “A fintech apple a day can keep bankers away”.

We connected many different themes: Insurtech, blockchain, Catastrophe Swaps, financial inclusion innovation from incumbents. An example of unbundling in insurance.

We reported from the annual Finance 2.0 conference in Zurich that was focused on CryptoFinance, the vertical that is leading Swiss Fintech. The Internet of Value, Suing Smart contracts, and Bitcoin use cases; were the highlights

Check out the recent conversations on the Fintech Genome platform on:  Banking innovation in India, Fintech and financial advisors, the Fintech fixed income alternative, crowdfunding in home equity, social trading, challenger banks, etc

Read or engage; Check out  How to generate great conversations or listen to a podcast version from the moderators of the platform.

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