Wrap of Week #35: Thematic XBRL week and conversations on the Fintech Genome


Thematic week on Daily Fintech with a focus on XBRL which may sound geeky and techie, but there are interesting applications to watch. On Monday we offered an overview of the technology.

We then looked at XBRL use cases for better, cheaper, and pay-as-you consume Data and Metadata.

We searched for the main ways that Banks and Fintechs are using XBRL.

We examined the asymmetries in the Small Business lending market and how XBRL may mitigate the issues.

We looked at XBRL use case for Solvency 2 insurance reporting.

The thematic conversations on the Fintech Genome include new topics on controversial areas like Fintech & the Fed; Social Trading; Active funds; MortgageTech and more.

You can also read about How to generate great conversations or listen to a podcast version from the moderators of the platform.

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