Wrap of Week #34: Data and robo-advisors, SmallBiz, Credit reporting, Insurtech trends, Investment returns


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Alternative data (a broad term), types and quality, is not really used by Robo-advisors. A first look at what data feeds robo-advisors and what potential exists.

Why serving SmallBiz is becoming a smart move after being a dumb one in the past.

From Australia a look at evidence that Fintech players are pushing on Comprehensive Credit Reporting.

A look at what VC funding in the insurtech sector is telling us about the direction of the market, here.

The Millennials (a controversial term in the Fintech community, see Fintech Genome conversation here) aren’t really what is at heart of the unstoppable robo-investing trend. It’s the fees stupid! Fee Adjusted Return On Capital (FAROC)

On the Fintech Genome you can read or engage in many interesting conversations on Chatbots, Mortgage banking, Corporate Lending, P2P lending Transparency, Banking APIs, disruptive insurance products, Yirendai, etc.

Two conversations related to SmallBiz and Robos are: “The US B2B robos are powering ahead” and “Banks and Lending marketplaces in partnership for corporate lending”. A nascent area is MortgageTech, join the conversation here.

You can also read about How to generate great conversations or listen to a podcast version from the moderators of the platform.

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