Wrap of Week #33: Fintech Index, VCs, SmallBiz banks, US Health insurance, US Credit cards


Dailyfintech_logo_blue_2016-04-14-03We started the week with coverage of a new US Fintech index, a collaboration between KBW and Nasdaq.

On Tuesday, we looked at the disruption in the VC business that has been anticipated and happening, happening, …..

In Small Business, we covered the second installment of the reputation economy and our insights on the blueprint of a small Business bank.

In Insurtech, we covered the second installment around the complexity of health insurance in the US.

The week ended with a focus on America and the view that “Chip on plastic is incremental change, but Chip on mobile phone is a game-changer”. Check out our insights here.

The Fintech Genome platform is in its second month. More topics and longer conversations are shaping up. Here are more recent ones on: Chatbots, Mortgage banking, Corporate Lending, P2P lending Transparency, Banking APIs, disruptive insurance products, Yirendai, etc.

You can read about How to generate great conversations or listen to a podcast version from the moderators of the platform.

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