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Wrap of Week #30: Chatbot week & lots of good talk at our digital water cooler


This was our fourth thematic week on Daily Fintech. We chose the Chatbot theme which is in the very early stage of implementation. You can always check out our previous themes on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Regtech.

First, we discussed the technology in the introductory post. We then focused on use cases in Wealth management, in Small business, in Insurance and last but not least in Consumer Banking.

The CEO of Polly Portfolio, Jasen Yang, one of the wealth management chatbots, offered the Fintech Genome community a valuable and clear categorization of the tech use. You can see and join the conversation on “How will Chatbots be used in wealth management”.

See the popular topics of conversation on Fintech Genome. Jump right in and join a conversation, share knowledge and network. Its the best digital water cooler for Fintech.

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