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A major theme that we track on Daily Fintech is the “programmable bank”, how innovation is enabled by APIs that abstract complex layers of utility services so that innovators can focus on “rebundling” (creating new UX based on integrating unbundled best of breed services). We are also big believers in the open source model of knowledge co-creation that was the concept behind Fintech Genome. This wiki on Fintech Genome is where those two threads come together. You can see the chronological story, starting with a  simple question, followed by the community kicking into contribute more knowledge. Help us get the job complete. You can contribute via comments and then somebody edits the wiki. Or, Once you reach Level 1 on Fintech Genome, you can directly edit a wiki and that is obviously more efficient. (Read this to understand Levels on Fintech Genome.   Don’t worry it is very easy to get to Level 1).

Why Banking APIs matter to the acceleration of Fintech innovation

Banks that want to transform into Fintech-like transaction banking platforms do so by exposing all the services they offer via APIs. This enables a lot of innovation because Banks or Fintechs operating higher up the stack do not need to all build/buy this utility layer.

This also enables the rebundling that we describe in this post.

Current Snapshot of the Banking API Wiki

This is a work in progress. Go to this thread on the Fintech Genome to see the current state.

Tools & Platforms:


F2 Framework

Plaid – – a tool that enables applications to connect with user’s bank accounts. Should get a big boost from PSD2.

3rd party providers

Kontomatik Banking API41

Coverage: UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Russia.

Banks (listing by HO location, most operate in multiple countries).

France: BNP Paribas Open Bank Project11

Coverage (BNP Paribas Group Banks only): UK, US, Poland, France, France, Turkey, Italy

Spain: BBVA Compass

Germany: Figo and Fidor

UK: Mondo

Singapore: OCBC

Wealth Management Focus



Saxo Bank

How you can contribute

On Daily Fintech, we publish snapshots of what we learn on the Fintech Genome. You can stay at this summary layer or dive deep into the subject by going into the Fintech Genome.

You can contribute in three ways depending on how much you want to get involved.

  • Comment here on Daily Fintech. No need to register (Daily Fintech is ungated). However if you want to have your contributions recognised within the global Fintech community, you may want to take a minute to register with your real ID on Fintech Genome and contribute there.

Fintech thought-leaders who contributed to the Banking API knowledge include:

Konstantin Rabin

Andre Fassler

Eric Forgy

Al Gaillard

Stefan Buetler

Julia Madden

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  1. Another startup API:

    TradeIt – multi-broker API that enables account aggregation and trading through all major US brokers.

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