Wrap of Week #28: Sentiment Fintechs, Swisscom innovation, Payroll lending, P2P insurance, Digital ID


We completed our global tour of Fintechs focused on Sentiment analysis this week with a look at the US. The global list can be found on the Fintech Genome, with the possibility open to the community to add names, contribution features of differentiation, business approach and partnerships for each company.

Invitation to be completed by the community for each Fintech:
Elements of differentiation:
Business stage – strategy:

We interviewed Andreas Pages, in charge of Digital Fintech at Swisscom. We discovered their four fold approach to financial services innovation.

We looked into payday lending and the cash flow needs of employees; fintechs in the space and their positioning. 

We curated the conversation on the P2P insurance topic from the Fintech Genome and presented the crowdsourced knowledge on the topic. Seems that the community is very passionate about the topic, since it generated more comments.

We looked at how India is taking the Digital ID challenge to the next level with the Unified Payment Interface.

During the debut month of P2P Fintech knowledge platform, one of the most viewed Topic in WealthTech has been “Do wealth management clients know how much they are charged?“.

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