Wrap of Week #23: Crowdfunding, Digital wallets & POS, Marketplace lending


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Coverage last week was global; The West, with a German, French, and Canadian focus. The East with Australia. Enjoy.

Is a shadow public securities market being fueled by retail investors? Lending marketplaces as an investment alternative for US and Europe.

A Canadian Fintech example of re-bundling on a global platform focused mostly in #Altfi and #Regtech; KoreConx is an emerging Fintech solution stack.

An insight by associating Australia and the US in the Wallet Space, as Zipmoney acquires PocketBook.

A French Fintech focused on insurance claims fraud detection; Shift Technologies uses AI.

A German growth Fintech in the value chain of marketplace lending and consumer banking; Kreditech is also an example of a #regtech fueled growth (PSD2).

We mentioned: @AngelList, @Koreconx, @AngelList, @Lufax, ASSOB (Australia), R2Crowd (Canada), FrontFundr (Canada), StartEngine (US- CA), NextSeed (US-TX), Trucrowd (US-TX), KlondikeStriek (US- mining & metals), OfferBoard (US-NJ), Seedrs (UK), SyndicateRoom (UK), CrowdCube (UK), Republic (GE), IDisclose, EarlyIQAlgoValueCrowdCheck

Affirm, zipMoney, Pocketbook, Sweep, Shift Technology , Accel Partners, Klarna, KrediTech, Kontomierz.

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