Wrap of week #22: Midwest, Southwest, Insurtech, Altfi, Payments


Last week we hovered over the Midwest and the Southwest; Kansas and Austin, TX.

Kansas: A global alternative exchange that IPO’d; BATS exchange.

Austin TX: An alternative credit history builder running in a bank; SelfLender.

We continued our Insurtech coverage focusing in the Auto Industry with 21 ventures.

We offered insights in the broad Altfi space:

For your consideration: Distribution strategy alternatives for Online business lending. 

Insights from the investment angle of Marketplace lending: One way that marketplace lending could thrive; watch Warren Buffet’s lips.

And for the podcast aficionados, we interviewed another incumbent innovating: Western Union an incumbent innovating in payments and more.

We mentioned @selflender, @nerdwallet, @Batsglobal, @PayPal, @Square, @Shopify, @Fundera, @OnDeck, @WesternUnion and

21 Insurtech ventures!

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