The Spring 2016 Fintech Boat for refugees


We aim to shed light on technology that is being developed for refugees. We opened up the discussion with the vision of a Refugee bank in Blockchain Digital ID and the vision of a Refugee Bank. The seed has been planted from the Canadian Digital Finance of institute. We mentioned already three Blockchain based ID solution: Uport, OneName, ShoCard that could be used for refugees.

Our open-source research subsequently, found Bitnation, whose vision is to become a borderless decentralized movement. Tarkowski Tempelhof is the CEO of this non-profit, a woman with working experience in military zones. is running Bitnation has launched already two programs: the Blockchain Emergency ID (BE-ID) and Bitnation Bitcoin Visa Cards.

Bitnation blockchain ID calls anyone in need:

to become an official World Citizen through time-stamping your Identity, and start of a ‘Web-of-Trust’ on the blockchain.

In alignment with this open-source initiative, we continue to shed light and move from Brazil (base of Bitnation CEO) over to European waters, as we take a look at What’s brewing on board of StartupBoat.

Paula Schwarz, the founder of this initiative and CEO of Exponential Network, connecting social entrepreneurs with impact investors. She is a Globe Shaper and a leader of the Refugee Task Force for WEF.

StartupBoat is a floating incubator of ideas that can serve poor people and specifically refugees. The “Boats” bring together all stakeholders and offer a safe and efficient design-thinking hub for concepts. These concepts maybe ideas with technical obstacles, or networking needs, that can incubate on the boat with the help of a professional design thinker, experienced investor feedback and entrepreneurial brainstorming.

StartupBoat has given birth to some great products, which subsequently entered the StartupAid ( program that is supported by various startup accelerators and the GIZ (German business development bank). This program is focused on social entrepreneurship and using technology for humanitarian crises. Examples incubated through this process are, the educational app Funzi for mobile users, a co-working space for immigrants, and free online university for refugees Kirion university.

We are inviting you to express interest for a European Fintech Boat trip which is scheduled for April 10 in Berlin; with the aim to co-design fundable Fintech solutions-products for refugees. We welcome your interest to participate on this boat, in the commentary below.

This Spring 2016 Fintech Boat, has already on board Finleap, the Berlin based incubator as an advisor, and Solaris Bank, a fully licensed digital bank that Finleap launched who are contributing their expertise towards this socially responsible initiative. Yobie Benajmin, in charge of Faster Payments task force at FDR and leading the refugee task force for the global shapers at WEF, is acting as an ambassador for this Startup Boat. The UN Refugee agency is also supporting this effort.

The Fintech boat will take concepts and ideas and turn them into fundable ones for refugees. Your participation and voice, is invaluable.

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  1. As always a great and informative article coming from the DailyFintech blog!

    I find the European Fintech Boat trip quite appealing, may I ask for some more information on the initiative and how signing-up takes place?

    Thank you!

  2. As always great and informative article coming from the DailyFintech team!

    I find the European Fintech Boat trip as quite interesting initiative. May I ask for some more information on the agenda of the trip and how can I sign up?

    Thank you!

  3. Happy to hear that this is of interest. Please contact for more information.
    Bon voyage.

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