Digital Wealth management: a videographic update

This year can be characterized as the year that whispers about trends in “Digital Wealth management”  have become loud echoes, everywhere.

Daily Fintech has been echoing (details in “Digital wealth management and the Icarus Deception“) that:

Doing nothing in this new era, is Unsafe

This is an update on the market opportunity in Digital wealth management, with our videographic (Salivating for Unadvised Assets) on Unadvised assets.


Daily Fintech Advisers provides strategic consulting to organizations with business and investment interests in Fintech. Efi Pylarinou is a Digital Wealth Management thought leader.


  1. I think it’s important to analyze trends in order to stay up to date. Wealth management is an area that I definitely am needing some help in. I appreciated this videographic on this updated information. Thanks!

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