Announcing Jessica Ellerm joining Daily Fintech as our Expert on Small Business Finance

We interrupt our normal programming to announce that Jessica Ellerm today joined Daily Fintech as our Expert on Small Business Finance. She complements our knowledge and network in three ways:

1. Jessica is our go to person for Small Business Finance. Our plan has always been to assemble a team with domain expertise within the key Fintech market segments, what we call our constellation of stars. Small Business Finance is one of those massive opportunities within Fintech and it was time for us to bring on an expert who really lives and breathes this market.
2. Jessica is our go to person for the dynamic Australian Fintech market. 
Our plan has always been to assemble a team that covers the globe. To date we have been Europe heavy (Bernard and Efi are in Switzerland) even if we have worked all over the globe in our past lives. Australia is great market for Fintech (as Jessica told us 6 months ago as a Guest Author). It is a big market, with innovative consumers, English language, time zone proximity to Asia and a reasonable regulatory environment.
3. Jessica is our go to person for digital marketing. Jessica brings experience in leading Inside Sales and Growth Hacking to complement our existing team experience.
The Daily Fintech team is now nicely balanced male and female. We think this is important because women are not well represented in senior management in either Banking or Fintech.
We are growing our team, but we stay committed to our policy of only one research note per day, so that we have a high signal to noise ratio.
Jesssica takes the Wednesday slot. My keyboard will be relieved 🙂 You will see her first research note below.

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