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The folks who bring you the free Daily Fintech content are:


leading your transformation and growth

Daily Fintech is an open source research platform written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. You can tune in while we do our research in public – fresh analysis every day. This content will always be a free open source research resource for the Fintech community (some of whom contribute by “filling in the blanks” in our research).

Daily Fintech Advisers is the commercial part of our business (the site is ad free).

We work for three types of organizations:

  1. Financial Institutions using Fintech to drive transformation initiatives.
  1.  Fintech Ventures in their scale up phase moving into new markets.
  1. Tech companies moving into Fintech.

Our focus is market development. This could be your go to market plan for a blue ocean market or moving into adjacent markets or expanding geographically.

We are dealmakers who are 100% focused on Fintech.

We get deals done, but we always come at deals from a strategic point of view – so we focus on getting the right deals done. That is why we spend so much of our research on figuring out where the puck is headed. That direction will inform your strategy.

Deals that enable this market development could include acquiring a company, forging a partnership, acquiring clients, finding talent or raising capital.

We differentiate through;

  1. Domain Expertise. We have Partners who are experts in sectors within Fintech (e.g Efi Pylarinu in Investing and Rick Huckstep in Insurance).
  1. Thought Leadership. We create the conversations about where the puck is headed in your market because we believe that Mindshare precedes Marketshare.
  1. Cross Discipline. Our Partners understand financial services and technology and marketing/sales. We use all three to define and execute your strategy and to improve time to market.
  1. Network. We know who can turn your plans into reality. Our network is global. If we don’t already know the person/company, the Daily Fintech brand means that most people respond quickly when we reach out to them.
  1. Experience. Our Partners advise based on decades of hard-won experience. We are entrepreneurs and senior executives who know what it takes to make things happen.
  1. Partnering. Our philosophy is that wirearchy beats hierarchy. We choose to remain a small agile partnership so that we can execute by partnering with specialist firms and individuals.

Discretion and trust are our core values. We can initiate conversations on your behalf without revealing your name until you are ready. We build long-term exclusive relationships with winners in the Fintech market.

To start a confidential conversation, please send an email to bernard at daily fintech dot com or find us at one of the Fintech conferences.

Daily Fintech Advisers are:

Bernard Lunn is a serial entrepreneur who has done startups, scale ups and turnarounds in America, Asia and Europe (and now lives in Switzerland). In the past he has worked for Misys, Temenos, IMS and ITRS. He learned the digital media craft while COO of ReadWriteWeb. Bernard is the Founding Editor of Daily Fintech, wrote Mindshare to MarketShare (on Amazon), provides mentoring to startups and is a speaker and moderator at Fintech conferences.

Efi Pylarinou, covering InvestTech every Monday. Efi brings bold Wall Street experience (Salomon Brothers, Bankers Trust, SGCowen) in a broad range of asset classes (fixed income, structured products, hedge funds). She has lived and worked in the US, France, Greece, Canada, and Switzerland in investment companies, a university, an online education provider, and an executive consulting firm. She brings a strong academic background combined with a focus on breakthrough results. Financial innovation in the investment process is her focus.



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