Survey: the boom in Accelerators is sign of bubble or a new form of post corporate work?

The case for Accelerators being a sign that we are in a tech bubble.:

  • This is what happened in the last tech cycle in the late 1990s when we called them Incubators. When supply (of new startups) increases so fast, it must meet a demand wall and end in tears.

The case Accelerators being a new form of post Corporate work:

  • Corporates are not good at innovation, so they outsource innovation to Accelerators/Incubators and then buy whatever is proved to work in the market. Even ventures that don’t hit the big time can be acquire-hired, which is OK if the cost of building the MVP is so low. Some Accelerators/Incubators have done very well; look at the portfolios of original Incubator – Idea Lab – and the leading Accelerator today – Y Combinator.

So, what do you think?

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