26% of Y Combinator batch is Fintech, 2x other good Fintech vintages

By Bernard Lunn

13 Fintech companies out of a batch of 50 (26%) is more than 2x any other year (2005 with 13% is not statistically significant because only 8 companies in the batch).

You can read about all 50 in Techcrunch’s excellent coverage.

Finovate has the Finetech data on past years.

Here are the ventures that we categorize as Fintech in this batch (using our broad definition of Fintech and breaking them further into the Fintech domains that we track on Daily Fintech).

Name Domain
Second Measure InvestTech
Captain 401k InvestTech
Vest InvestTech
Open Invest InvestTech
Branch8 Payments
Serica Payments
Give Campus Philanthropy
Tesorio SMB
Drip Capital SMB
Greenshoe Underbanked
Xendit Underbanked
Tab Underbanked
Xfers Underbanked

Notable for absence – InsuranceTech.

Techcrunch noted hardware as a theme. Apart from Fintech, I noted emphasis on Food, Healthcare and Legal. Noted for absence are – Edtech and Bitcoin. Where Bitcoin/Blockchain appears it is as an enabling tool which makes sense. In 10 years saying “we use Bitcoin/Blockchain” will be as meaningless as saying “we use Internet” today.

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