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Fintech Ventures seeking Funding should hop on a plane to London to meet Fintech Circle

By Bernard Lunn

I first met Susanne Chishti in October last year when both Daily Fintech and Fintech Circle were little more than “gleams in the eye”. Now both are getting some traction in an exciting market.

If you don’t have a vibrant investor ecosystem locally, you may want to consider heading to London.

Fintech Circle offers a two day “deep dive” Fintech Tour on 14/15th September to really understand the UK Fintech ecosystem.

This means you use Fintech Circle’s extensive network rather than building your own (which may take too long). Some embassies offer a similar type of service for free. Fintech Circle charge a success fee if you raise money. If time is of the essence (it usually is for startups) the commercial option is often better.

If your venture is in insurance, make sure you will also drop in to see Daily Fintech’s Rick Huckstep who is based in London.

In October I will be moderating a session at SIBOS in Singapore on Fintech Hubs, so I would love to get real world feedback from entrepreneurs and investors who have used these hubs.

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