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Fintech Global Tour goes to Spain to find both local & global innovation

Guest Post by Fabrizio Villani

(Editor Note: a few weeks ago I asked Fabrizio to be tour guide to Fintech in Italy. That was such a success that I asked Fabrizio to do the same for Spain.)

Let’s start with that on 9th of April released a list of 67 Spanish Fintech startups (in my previous article on Italy I mentioned Fintech Atlas of 2015 with a list of 78 Italian Fintech startups) someone would assume that Fintech is flourishing more in Italy, than in Spain, well nothing is more wrong than this.

Spain has established a Fintech Hub (@SpainFintechHub) coordinated by Madrid Financial Centre and only a few days old it’s the news of the creation of the Spanish Association of Financial Technology (SAFT) with six companies joining forces. In Italy for instance we don’t have anything similar (my only hope is in the ability, influence and big network of Matteo Rizzi (@matteorizzi)). There are mainly four benefits in having a Hub:

Spanish Fintech companies still mainly have a  focus on their home market with some interesting exceptions of dual companies (e.g. Headquarter in London and operations in Spain or tech team in Spain while Sales and Marketing in U.S.) like:

Not dual company but still very interesting and notable in the payment field are:

I believe the greater competition now in Spain is in the P2P lending with:

Thanks to all the people (now became friends) that send me information on their company, especially François Derbaix. I am sure that at a certain point in time I will also have the opportunity to talk about your adventures, if I didn’t do it yet here, please (por favor) keep disrupting.

Please let me know if there is any mistake or inaccuracy and keep in mind that this is my personal list of Spanish Fintech companies there are many more that are waiting to be discovered or that have been forgotten.

Here are some Twitter handles of people involved with Fintech in Spain:

– Carlos Blanco @carlosblanco

– Darwinex @Darwinexchange

– peerTransfer @peerTransfer

– Setpay  @SetPay

– Besepa @molpe

– Ecrowdinvest @ECrowdinvest

– Arboribus @Arboribus

– Loanbook @Loanbookcapital

– Francois Derbaix @fderbaix

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