Denmark is focusing on specialized building blocks for Fintech

This is a guest post by Christoffer O. Hernæs which was originally published on his blog.

Denmark has established  Copenhagen Fintech Innovation and Research (CFIR), a business cluster for fintech which states that Denmark aims to establish a specialized fintech cluster based on a combination of research, industry collaboration and depth knowledge of digitalization and efficient processes. Although Denmark has focus on its home marked the amount of fintech companies is rapidly growing. Notable companies include:

Coinify aims to become the leading bitcoin services company for the European market. Coinify recently received  an undisclosed funding round from Danish venture fund SEED Capital,which enabled Coinify to acquire Bitcoin Nordic, said to be one of the first and largest European digital currency brokers as well as intellectual property rights to payment gateway technology as well as merchant relationships from Copenhagen-based Bitcoin Internet Payment System. Learn more at Coinify

Wallmob primarily focus on POS systems, but with very few similarities to the conventional global POS Suppliers. Wallmob offers a basic, one-size-fits all POS app for iOS targeted at small and medium-sized businesses, and also designs customer mobile retail systems for major clients including L’Oréal, Armani and the Red Cross. Wallmob raised 1,2 MUSD in seed funding from an undisclosed investor in 2013, and was acquired by Visma in 2014. Learn more at Wallmob.

MobilePay is the mobile payment solution by Danske Bank which allows P2P payments through your phone number as well as online payments and merchant solutions.  Mobile Pay claims to have more than 2 million active users. Learn more at Mobile Pay.

Swipp is the mobile payment solution by the banks Nordea,Nykredit Bank, Sydbank, Jyske Bank, Arbejdernes Landsbank, Spar Nord Bank andLocal Money Institutes. Swipp merged with Paii in 2014. Paii was set up by Telia Denmark, TDC, Telenor Denmark and Hi3G (3 Denmark).  Swipp offers mobile money transfers, internet payments and traditional physical purchases. Learn more at Swipp.

Meewallet is an independent mobile payment solution, aiming to take on Mobile Pay and Swipp. Meewallet raised 1 million DKK in crowdfunding in 2014, and has formed strategic partnerships with Forbrugsforeningen and SDC, which provide access to 275.000 potential customers and 4.500 Danish merchants. Meewallet currently supports Beeptify, Maestro and Mastercard. Learn more at Meewallet.

Clearhaus provides acquiring services and card payment solutions to online merchants. Clearhaus delivers a cross-platform solution and promise near real-time monitoring of transactions. Clearhaus raised $5.5 million in series A funding in 2014, following a seed round of €400k in 2011. Learn more at Clearhaus.

Coders Trust provides microfinance for underprivileged talents to upgrade their coding skills, so they can earn more money on freelance portals. CodersTrust is backed by the Danish development fund DANIDA. Learn more at Coders Trust.

Cranberger is an online investment portal built around ETFs, and the ECO-System surrounding it aiming to facilitate better product transparency. Cranberger provide its users the ability to drill-down from any Asset Class into more than 250 sub-segment of investment topics. Learn more atCranberger.

Lendino is a marketplace lender providing access to debt investments for both private and institutional investors. Lendino received $42.8k in debt financing in 2014. Learn more at Lendino.

European Receivables Exchange is known as Dansk Faktura Børs in Denmark and is an online receivables exchange where companies can turn invoices into cash. Dansk Faktura Børs is Denmark’s first and only online marketplace allowing companies to selectively sell outstanding invoices to raise working capital. The first auction was held in May 2012, and since then more than 700 auctions have been completed. Learn more at Dansk Faktura Børs.

Beeptify develops payment solutions for festivals, cafeteria, and other locations where cash is impractical. Beetfify has delivered payment solutions for through NFC for among others Roskilde Festival. Learn more at Beeptify.

RiskButler is a Software as a Service platform allowing users to to understand and manage their financial risks. Learn more at RiskButler.

Boomerang is a Danish crowdfunding platform. Learn more at Boomerang.

Betternow is a Danish crowdfunding platform for charitable causes. Learn more at Betternow.

Aidbuilder is a Danish crowdfunding platform for charitable causes. Learn more at Aidbuilder.

Donation Road is a Danish crowdfunding platform for charitable causes. Learn more at Donation Road.

Other notable companies delivering solutions to the financial sector includeSimcorp which provides investment management software, Saxobank, as well as Tradeshift, which provides payments to SME based in San Fransisco and Birdback, a card-linking platform which is based in London with Danish founders.

Thanks to my friends Anders Pall Skött and Annine N. Bentzen at CFIR and Erol Kazan at Copenhagen Business School for helping me with this list. Everyone interested in the Danish fintech scene should follow them on Twitter.

Please let me know if there are other companies that should be on this list, and I will update it when I find the time.

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