InvestGlass helps wealth managers overcome complexities around risk & compliance

By Efi Pylarinou

InvestGlass is an integrated system for professional relationship managers (RMs), wealth managers (WMs), Chief Investment Officers and Chief Compliance Officers.

There is a lot of slippage in the private banking and wealth management interactive process. It stems first from information overload , volatile markets, and the range of investor profiles. Added to this is the mounting complex requirements on the professionals related to compliance guidelines, market risks, performance expectations, and asset gathering requirements.

InvestGlass is a Swiss startup (Geneva) focussed on solving this multi-dimensional slippage that has built up in private banking and wealth management.

What distinguishes Investglass is its content-driven approach.

InvestGlass is not primarily a performance driven platform, even though it does offer Profit/Loss (P/L) information. It is not predominately, a risk-reporting platform, even though it does include multiple risk metrics. It cannot be lumped in the standard robo advisor category, which typically caters to retail and offers an automated and less costly investment process.

InvestGlass uses artificial intelligence algorithms to efficiently contextualize all the information available to RMs and WMs.

InvestGlass offers a white-label system that is centered around the client-investor and is to be used by professionals. It provides timely and contextual assistance to individual RMs and WMs and their bosses (Chief Investment Officers and Chief Compliance Officers) by aggregating and tracking clients, and portfolios. Through alerts and visuals, InvestGlass users can dynamically spot risks. For example, you can spot a sector overweighting, a country or currency underweighting, or a compliance conflict.

The user (RM, WM) can easily package this timely, contextual information and deliver it to clients to alert them to risks and to offer alternative investment proposals.

Content analysed by InvestGlass includes external (such as company specific fundamental information, technical information, internal research recommendations, macroeconomic information) as well as internal (client profile, interest, and background). Last and not least, InvestGlass analyses all this in relation to pertinent compliance regulations.

InvestGlass can handle a broad range of asset classes: equities, bonds, FX. Mutual finds, ETFs, Hedge funds. IPOs, options, and structured products, are in the pipeline.

For now it is a B2B solution, but with the speed of evolution of this space it could become a B2C tool. It is web based and part of its functionality is already mobile.

Alexandre Gaillard, founder of InvestGlass, is smart, energetic, and conveys confidence. Fully aware of the speed and dynamism of the disruptive robo-advisor space, InvestGlass has designed a platform that creates value for relationship managers (RMs) and wealth managers (WMs). Alexandre Gaillard was an insider in private banking and knows well the challenges of managing assets, customers, and budgets.

InvestGlass does not take away the relationship of the financial professional and the investor (unlike robo advisor). It enhances the relationship, delivers value, in many different ways.


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