Real Fintech Unicorns By Location

This will be a short post, because my definition of Unicorn is over $1 billion in realized value (in either IPO or Trade Sale) and that is a very short list. I wrote my rationale for keeping out the ones with headline valuations over $1 billion here. I then look at them by location, using 6 buckets – Silicon Valley, New York, London, Rest of Europe, Rest of America, Rest of World.

I am updating this post as I see more. Thanks for all who alerted me to ones that I missed.

Spoiler Alert: Silicon Valley is still in the lead but other centers are sharing in the spoils.

Realized over $1 billion (“the podium”)

  • Xero

Score: Silicon Valley = 1, Rest of World = 1, London = 1, New York = 1.

Will know soon (Fintech IPO watch list)

  • Prosper
  • Sofi

Score: Silicon Valley = 2

Big rounds but who knows what will happen:

  • Wonga
  • Square
  • Stripe

Score: Silicon Valley = 2, London = 1, Rest of Europe = 3.

Not Unicorns but nearly (over $750m) and realized:

  • Braintree $800m
  • Climate Corp $930m
  • Trusteer $900m
  • IPREO $975m

Score: Silicon Valley = 1, London = 1, Rest of America = 3


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