Comparing Richard Branson and Peter Thiel Fintech bets

Looking at Fintech funding rounds, two names crop up a lot and as both are high profile and savvy entrepreneurs/investors, it was interesting to see what they have been investing in.

  • Richard Branson:
    Transferwise (consumer FX)
    Virgin Money (full stack bank, IPO watchlist)
    Blockchain (Bitcoin)
    Indiegogo (equity Crowdfunding)
    Bitpay (Bitcoin)
    Clinkle (mobile payments)
    Square (mobile payments)
  • Peter Thiel:
    Transferwise (consumer FX)
    Sofi (Lending Marketplace)
    Ondeck (Lending Marketplace)
    Clinkle (mobile payments)
    PayPal (1999)
  • Great minds think alike?
    Clinkle (mobile payments)
    Transferwise (consumer FX)

Branson has placed big bets on Bitcoin but Thiel is holding back so far.

Update: Branson’s bets on Bitcoin (Blockchain and Bitpay) look good – as long as Bitcoin gets more adoption. If Bitcoin turns out to be a failed footnote in history, Thiel’s reticense will look smart.

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