Yahoo Finance is getting worse and it is so simple to fix

Rant alert.

I have used Yahoo Finance since 2000. They have been the leader for so long. The have not added anything significant for ages. I can live with that. It was good enough. Also switching costs are high. But egregious mistakes make me want to switch.

I was writing a post about an IPO. The market cap shown on Yahoo was wrong by a huge amount. I was about to write that it was a screaming bargain. Thankfully, I checked other sources. The data was simply wrong. Market Cap is a simple calculated field – number of shares multiplied by price. They had the number of shares wrong. and Google Finance both had it right. (Yahoo have fixed it now, but it took days and that is a long time in financial markets).

Maybe Yahoo has decided that free service for retail investors is not a good business model. If that is the case, they should sell that business unit and not let it decay from simple lack of attention.

There are great opportunities around XBRL. There are great opportunities around international stocks. This is a big market.

With the cash from Alibaba, Yahoo is hardly lacking in the money to invest in Yahoo Finance.

Some entrepreneur is going to seize this market (believing that retail investors will one day return to the stockmarket) while Yahoo Finance is looking the other way.


  1. It doesn’t even load my stock symbol list most of the time any more. That’s BAD. They are bad off.
    Thought Verizon would clean up the loading and running problems but they’ve gotten worse. The
    email still works. The MyYahoo Finance section is nearly useless. Every now and then it loads.

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