The 11 Fintech Teams In The Barclays Accelerator

I am in London for the Barclays Accelerator (Powered by Techstars) Demo Day tomorrow when these 11 companies will be demonstrating. Looks like a quality batch. I have made my pre-meeting notes here.


Aire – Enabling financial access for consumers through a next generation credit scoring algorithm. (London, UK)

Lots of people left out by the FICO score. It’s a broken market. Lots of startups going after this.

ClauseMatch – Providing a cloud platform for matching and negotiating master agreements for trading over-the-counter derivatives and commodities. (Arundel, UK)

What happens when OTC trading goes to exchanges? Does this require traders at Big Banks to change behavior?

Crowdestates – Creating a peer-to-peer secured lending platform for residential mortgage deposits. (London, UK)

It’s a problem every young person without rich parents can relate to. Got the problem, keen to hear the solution.

DoPay – Providing financial access to people through their corporate payroll service. (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Don’t understand.

Gust Pay – Making music festivals more cashless using NFC wristbands and smartphone apps. (Cape Town, South Africa)

Love the idea the idea of NFC wristbands instead of the inky stamp to let you back in (showing my age?). But….won’t Apple take this with iWatch?

Katalysator – Providing an in-store experience and payments platform, making it possible to send targeted messages to shoppers based on proximity to products. (Stockholm, Sweden)

As a shopper I would hate this, but I am the world’s most ornery shopper.

Market IQ – Providing actionable intelligence for investment professionals based on both structured (company financials) and unstructured datasets (Social, News, Blogs). (Seattle, USA/Toronto, Canada)

A space I am interested in. Keen to hear whether they use XBRL.

NoviCap – Enabling businesses in credit tight markets to quickly access growth financing by auctioning their outstanding invoices to investors. (Barcelona, Spain)

A space I am interested in. Hi, Frederico.

Tryum – Delivering the Oyster Card for the restaurant industry – a simple, central way to manage loyalty and payments across multiple retailers. (London, UK).

Hmm, Oyster card vs Smartphone?

Virtual View App – Providing augmented reality, together with interactive 360 degree images for social, retail, and commercial use. (London, UK)

Not something I know about.

Wagevance – Providing an ethical and affordable alternative to payday loans, through wage-backed pay advances. (London, UK)

I would love to see this done well. Can they deliver reasonable risk adjusted rates to lenders without gouging consumers?


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