Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) DAPP on the Ethereum Blockchain

Spoiler alert; this does not exist yet. This is a wish-list app i.e. I am hoping some entrepreneur grabs this opportunity.

I have been interested in VRM for a long time. I wrote about it here in 2007.

VRM has long been one of those Invitable-but-not-Imminent trends. VRM puts the customer in the driving seat and that is the logic of the Internet. So it will happen. As to when, all those saying “soon” all those years ago have been proved wrong.

I think of VRM simply as crowdsourced buying where, “united we get the better terms”. As an individual I have no clout with my Bank or Telco or Insurer. But what if 1,000 customers with a similar profile to me requested the same terms at the same time? Now we have clout.

At one time I had a speculative hope that Facebook would seize this opportunity. They had the potential but for whatever reason it did not fit.

Now distributed communities based on the Blockchain could seize this opportunity. This is a natural application for a Distributed Autonomous Corporation.

I also think this would happen first in financial services, the types of DAPPS targeted by Ethereum and similar re-decentralization platforms. Rather than using crowdsourced buying to buy more stuff that we don’t need simply because it is a bargain, imagine getting 20% off something you really need like insurance because you have some negotiating clout. This is a massive win for the consumer, but it is also a win for the seller as they get volume with a low cost of customer acquisition.



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