Fintech IPO watch list

I have added some companies to the Fintech IPO WatchList that have been public for a while, so that it becomes possible to create some categories for comparables. I have omitted Traditional Fintech (although Fiserv arguably falls in that category) and omitted old banks wth a digital skin (although Virgin Money arguably falls in that category)

  1. Lending Club: public
  2. OnDeck: S-1
  3. Yodlee – public
  4. Virgin Money: public
  5. SoFi – announced intent
  6. Monetise – public
  7. Fiserv – public
  8. First Data – public

That is just enough for some categorization:

  • Lending Disintermediation = 3 (Lending Club, OnDeck, SoFi).
  • White Label = 4 (Yodlee, Monetise, Fiserv, First Data)
  • Full Stack Bank = 1 (Virgin Money)

Lending Disintermediation” (aka Specialty Credit) is crossing the chasm thanks to the Lending Club IPO.

There are till no IPOs in the Bitcoin space (in this post I speculate on who might be first).

In the existing public companies in the White Label category, each has a clear positioning:

FirstData: the paymemts stack guys

Fiserv: the power behind the small banks

Monetise: the power behind mobile money

Of course we can also add Mastercard, Amex and Visa to this list. The stock play when we get a Bitcoin IPO will be fun – buy one, short the other.

A rising IPO tide will lift a lot of boats. This will drive M&A in the sector and that will encourage early stage funding. The existing comparables may get a valuation multiple upgrade and that could be the easy bet.


  1. What about CAN Capital and Kabbage? CAN is larger than OnDeck but has started out coming from a pen and paper background. They are digitizing their offering and if it works, they may be able to maintain their leadership in the space.

    • Thanks, Salim, just covered Kabbage. Will take a look at CAN Capital (heard about them from a small business friend).

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